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Course Calendar 

Unit 1: Poetry  

Date  Readings/Assignments 
Mon, Jan 28  Syllabus and Introductions 
Wed, Jan 30  Jonathan Culler, “What is Literature and Does it Matter?” 
Mon, Feb 4  Close Reading and Poetic Devices 
Wed, Feb 6  Selections from Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” (read parts 1, 16, 21, 24 and 51) and Langston Hughes’s “Let America Be America”
Mon, Feb 11  Maggie Smith’s “Good Bones” and Rowan Ricardo Phillips’s “Dark Matter Ode”;
Culler, “Language, Meaning, and Interpretation” (Part 1 and Part 2 here) and “Rhetoric, Poetics, and Poetry” 
Wed, Feb 13  Selections from Harryette Mullen and Claudia RankinePRELIMINARY DRAFT OF ESSAY 1 DUE (optional) 
Mon, Feb 18  COLLEGE CLOSED – Presidents’ Day 
Wed, Feb 20  Interpretive Problems and Questions
Additional Guidelines on Interpretive ProblemsFORMAL DRAFT OF ESSAY 1 DUE (required) FRIDAY 2/22
Mon, Feb 25  Effective Thesis Writing 

Unit 2: Short Stories   

Date  Readings/Assignments 
Wed, Feb 27  Elements of Narrative
Mon. Mar 4  Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”
Wed, Mar 6  Scholarly Essay: “The Talking Porcupine Liberates Utopia: Le Guin’s ‘Omelas’ as Pretext to the Dance” by Kenneth Roemer – FINAL DRAFT OF ESSAY 1 DUE SUNDAY, MARCH 10
Mon, Mar 11  George Saunders’s “The Semplica-Girl Diaries”
Group Annotation Exercise of Roemer’s “The Talking Porcupine…”
Wed, Mar 13  Scholarly Essay: “The Patriarch’s Balls: Class Consciousness, Violence, and Dystopia in George Saunders’s Vision of Contemporary America” by Juliana Nalerio 
Mon, Mar 18  “A Bright and Fearful Star” by Carmen Maria Machado
Sources and Their Functions  – PRELIMINARY DRAFT OF ESSAY 2 DUE (optional)
Wed, Mar 20  Could the Experiences of Our Ancestors Be ‘Seared into Our Cells’?” by Erika Hayasaki in response to Machado
Mon, Mar 25  Introduction Paragraphs
Intro Paragraph OutlineFORMAL DRAFT OF ESSAY 2 DUE (required)
Wed, Mar 27  Body Paragraphs
Body Paragraph Structure

 Unit 3: Prose 

Date  Readings/Assignment 
Mon, Apr 1  Engaging with Sources
Wed, Apr 3  The House on Mango Street – FINAL DRAFT OF ESSAY 2 DUE SUNDAY APRIL 7
Mon, Apr 8  The House on Mango Street – Library Visit
Wed, Apr 10  The House on Mango Street
Mon, Apr 15  The House on Mango Street
Linking Evidence and Claims
Wed, Apr 17  “Resisting the Interpretive Schema of the Novel” by Paula Moya
Transitions and SignpostingANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY DUE  FRIDAY 4/19
Mon, Apr 22  NO CLASS – Spring Break 
Wed, Apr 24  NO CLASS – Spring Break 
Mon, Apr 29  Individual Conferences – PRELIMINARY DRAFT OF ESSAY 3 DUE AT CONFERENCE
Wed, May 1  Individual Conferences
Mon, May 6  Individual Conferences
Wed, May 8  Peer Review – FORMAL DRAFT OF ESSAY 3 DUE (required) 


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